You Don't Have to Figure it All Out Before You Start

My clients are smart savvy women in transition. Women are wired for transition - we are cyclical beings by nature. But with transition comes uncertainty, frustration and fear.

My clients want to do what is most authentic, most in alignment with their deepest desires and core values. They want what is most helpful to others and best for their families and themselves.

They struggle with the concept that there is no "best."

They believe that they need to know all the steps to reach their goal before they even start. If they don't have a crystal clear vision of how to shape the future they desire, they delay with ever increasing and elaborate preparations.

in our work together, notion that my clients have to figure it all out gets challenged. They learn to trust that the universe is an abundant place that has created the right conditions for life to expand in exactly the right ways in exactly the right proportions for millions of years.

We look at how their feelings of disconnection and uncertainty about their next steps come from disconnection from themselves and explore how to tap into their own intuition and inner-wisdom to get connected again.

Part of connecting with their intuition is tapping into the life energy that is in them, as them, through them. They see the profound effect that aligning with that life energy brings to them with greater and greater specificity the life they are wanting to live.

My clients are seeking feelings of peace, relief, joy, comfort, freedom and certainty. Through our work together, they discover an endless source of those feelings within themselves.

Their access to this source is limited only by their own thoughts: thoughts that "best" is a worthwhile goal, thoughts that they need to know all the details of their journey before their journey even begins.

In other words, they learn to allow the journey toward a desired outcome to begin with a connection to life energy. They let go of the fear that triggers the need to control all the specifics and instead hold on only to the specifics of how they want to feel when the journey is complete.



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