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A therapist may not solicit testimonials from a client. All testimonials were included on this website by colleagues and former supervisees. To protect the confidentiality of my therapy clients, I do not post their testimonials even if requested. Full names are only disclosed with my professional colleague testimonials who have received clinical supervision or consultation from me. Additionally, counseling results are different for each client depending on their particular circumstances and cannot be guaranteed. Each client may have a different experience and should not base their expectations or results on the testimonials provided here.

"A highly competent clinician and supervisor! Down to earth and realistic about social work practice.  Amy is particularly adept at helping new clinicians establish appropriate and healthy professional boundaries. She was instrumental in helping me build my current confidence in my clinical judgment and professional sense of self.

Thank you for all these things and more - honestly and sincerely,"

- Brian Bakes, LCSW

"Amy is an amazing supervisor! She is highly skilled at focusing on my strengths, and providing positive encouragement. Amy's knowledge and guidance has helped me improve my confidence and deliver better service to my clients."

-Danielle Tararuj, LCSW

"I wouldn’t be the clinician I am today without the support and guidance I received from Amy.  She offers a safe learning environment full of acceptance, encouragement, understanding, and empathy.  Amy has a wide range of experience and expertise and she gave me a lot of valuable advice that I use to this day.  I am a better professional and thriving in my current position thanks to her."

- Jenna Kimock, LCSW

"Amy has a depth of knowledge and extensive clinical experience. She is an insightful counselor."

- Karen Boates, LCSW

"I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Amy both as as my clinical supervisor.  Amy is knowledgeable, insightful, caring, empathetic, and a great mentor all around.  It would be impossible to put into words the amount of professional and personal growth I experienced with Amy's guidance, from applying clinical theory to practice to improving and strengthening my own approach and skills as a clinician.  Each week walking out of supervision I felt more knowledgeable, confident, and equipped to offer my clients the support and advocacy they deserve.  I would highly recommend Amy as a clinical supervisor to any aspiring LCSW. "

- Christie White, LCSW

"Amy is a straightforward, articulate, confident, compassionate, resourceful and seasoned Social Worker with a broad range of clinical skills and a strong ethical awareness. As my supervisor, Amy was kind, open-minded and encouraging. She was also always willing to go above and beyond to help me navigate through difficult cases and often helped link me to services that would benefit my clients and their families. The skills Amy taught me made me a more well-rounded professional and I will continue to use them as I grow as a Social Worker. Thank you Amy for being such an amazing supervisor!

-Stephanie Simmons, LCSW