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What is holding you back from the truth of who you really are?

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Are you:

Trying to make some imaginary honor roll but not honoring yourself

Addicted to achievement?

Finding yourself engaging in behaviors that sabotage your own joy?


Feeling constantly exhausted, unhealthy and stressed?

Craving balance in your life but unsure where to start?

Finding it impossible to make a decision without surveying 10 of your closest friends and co-workers?

Realizing you know how to take care of everyone but yourself?

Wondering why your life looks great on paper but feels terrible in reality?

What if there were a better way?

I'm Amy Beth Acker,LCSW, counselor and writer specializing in working with professional women who are tired of living with a perfectionist mindset and ready for a better way.

My clients feel stressed, alone, or stuck in their lives.

They look around and constantly feel like they don't measure up. They feel like they're both not enough and too much.

With deep empathy and soulful grounding, our work together offers a place to explore what's possible in life and to create lasting mindset shifts.Here you will find clarity in life and learn how to become more present and less anxious.

I will shine a light on that which you cannot see alone. I will help you to shift your old stories to make change happen. You will discover what has been blocking you from the truth of who you really are and what has been holding you back in your health, career or relationship.

Your "brokenness" is welcome here -- I'm on your team. Therapy has the ability to bless your future so it never becomes your past; bless your past so it becomes wisdom; and to bless your present so you can finally live in a reality where nothing is too good to be true. 

My clients regularly tell me that our work together has been a game changer in their lives.

Are you ready to discover your truth, move beyond your fears and start living on purpose?

My Intentions

  • Give women their lives back by teaching them to connect with themselves at a deeper level, find clarity, and change unhealthy thoughts and life patterns.

  • Provide women with the tools they need to start loving and honoring themselves and to find direction and flow.

  • Empower women and end needless suffering by raising confidence and self-compassion and decreasing fear-based behaviors like people pleasing and perfectionism.

  • Create a higher level of consciousness and contribute to the evolution and growth of every woman I work with and of the world in general.

  • Help women to increase the quality of their relationships, emotional maturity, intuition, presence, self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance.

  • Help women to decrease feelings of resentment, overwhelm, guilt, fear, anxiety, numbness, scarcity, and shame.

  • Teach women how to live their lives from the reality that nothing is too good to be true.


Counseling for women in my Somerville, NJ office.


Women’s groups are available in my Somerville, NJ office.

The Book

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Click below to learn more about my book, The Way of the Peaceful Woman